Let’s go Dad…What are we waiting for.

I was 87 years young yesterday
to celebrate we went out to play
which for us is walking the park
wandering around until it is dark
and maybe if fortune goes my way
and my health is good for another day
more will follow year by year
just as long as my thoughts are clear
for there is no sense in living long
if the brain is not working strong
and can manage the daily tasks
which is really all I ask

Physically I am in good shape
except for the occassional ache
brought on by trying way too hard
to accomplish work out in the yard
or fixing something in my RV
or draining tanks which is plain to see
that this is very necessary chore
for comfortable living for us indoors

We go out walking but not too far
no longer hiking without a care
although I think that I am strong
and on these walks could carry on
but walking with the dogs is slow
as they do not walk fast or want to go
instead for them there is much to see
and with their noses sets them free
for them the distance is not what counts
it is all of the smells that they find out
and so we do not make much speed
but this is really what they need.

I am happy to be outside
enjoying the sun with the dogs by my side
who cares if we do not go very fast
or wrack up the miles like in the past
instead the fresh air and just to be out
enjoying our lives and making it count
for who knows how long we continue this trend
we will walk together up to the end
and then our walks to us will be
something lost in our memory.

Written Sunday 01/15/2023. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com