We have just had a major storm 
with freezing rain and ice galore 
breaking limbs and damaging trees 
the worst we have had in our memories 
we usually get this once a year 
with ice and snow making us fear 
not wanting to go out in the stuff 
to sit inside and watch is enough 
usually, it is just snow 
a couple of inches which is the low 
accompanied by a lot of frost 
temperatures so cold that all is lost 
driving is a hazardous task 
going slow and not very fast 
hoping to stay on the road 
otherwise, we could end up towed 
just as suddenly as it begun 
a couple days later out comes the sun 
and the ice and snow all disappear 
the green grass shows bright and clear 
and a few more days of Nature’s warm 
and though the trees may now be deformed 
with broken branches here and there 
as Nature does the damage share 
and Man is left to clean the mess 
that Nature caused and not in jest 
hopefully this has come and gone 
and we will be able to carry on 
with the life that we know 
without this winter’s ice and snow.  
Written 02/05/2023. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com