I went into town today 
just so I could have my say 
on the things that I would buy 
for the RV and the reason why 
is that I needed extra sheets 
in two RV’s a set to keep 
so that I have a spare 
just because I really care 
that I do not turn into a slob 
and not launder them which is my job 
for after a week they need a change 
as sleeping in them cannot be the same. 
It is just not the bed that has me concerned 
for over the years I have learned 
to keep an eye what’s in the fridge 
so that there is something when I get the itch 
to eat a meal or maybe a snack 
with the refrigerator bare things are out of whack 
I search high and low for something to eat 
and usually end with what’s within reach 
and so, my meals are a chancy thing 
depending on what my searching will bring. 
Luckily for me food is not a game 
and things I eat are sometimes the same 
gone are the days of eating out 
for a steak or chops or even a trout 
now I make do with what’s in the fridge 
or even a can if it’s within reach 
to fill the tummy is the goal 
and not savor the taste or please the soul 
but to eat enough to stay alive 
Whatever the taste I will survive. 

Written 02/05/2023. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com