The Luxuries of Life 

Oh, the luxuries of life 
to different folks it can bring strife 
as something someone else may own 
can be enough to bring us down 
and want to own it for ourselves 
because it is on another’s shelf 
that is the way that we are 
seeing others from afar 
not knowing what their life may be 
which may be full of misery 
all we see are the worldly things 
that the others life may bring 
not knowing if they have a life 
on which is free of struggle and strife 
money does not buy everything 
although it helps us do our thing 
but people are the answer here 
living breathing and oh so dear 
all the money in the world 
cannot make up for love unfurled 
something that can’t be bought 
and all of the efforts are for nought 
as finding that one special person is hard 
and most go through life without the reward 
and make do with the best they can get 
a prelude for failure  and better yet 
they try and and try again and again 
and love defeats them in the end 
as finding it is so very rare 
and second best is all we can share. 

Written by a cynic that has loved and lost… 

Written 02/14/2023. Read my other poems at