From my Archives.

Its raining in my backyard-Hooray
It’s raining at my house

It rained today it has to be said
that we can use as much as can be sent
our way, for gardens are still very dry
even with all of the clouds in the sky
and the wet stuff falling all around
especially right here on the ground.

My ponds without rain have to depend
on me to fill them and in the end
so does the garden for when it gets dry
I look at the ground and then look at the sky
If no sign of a cloud or a raindrop or two
out must come hoses to water the ground
so the plants will have moisture, enough to go round

Nothing is quite like the rain from the sky
the water is pure no contaminates near by
no fish will get hurt if large amounts fall
into the ponds and with barely a call
bring the levels back up to where they belong
and if fish could sing they would give us a song
and I know that the words would certainly contain
Thank You, Thank You,  for the beautiful rain.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist