Everything is turning green 
as we look forward to the Spring 
another winter has come and gone 
and we are still here to carry on 
living in this wonderful world 
enjoying Nature as she unfurls 
the trees are starting to turn green 
driven by forces to us unseen 
just like someone pulled a switch 
as Spring arrives without a hitch. 

Last year Spring arrived very late 
and winter remained its toll to take 
with ice and snow and freezing rain 
we would never be the same 
but true to form Mother Nature came through 
and cleared the snow as the warm winds blew 
and things turned green as new growth occurred 
with Nature’s flag that she unfurled 
and once again as the countryside changed 
the prettiest site Nature has arranged. 

Written 03/10/2023. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com