Its raining in my backyard-Hooray
Its raining in my backyard-Hooray (Photo credit: aussiegall)

I could not believe my ears, is that rain I hear beating down
I look out the window and yes I can see
that raining it is upon the ground.

I walk outside just to make sure as Nature has fooled us before
but this time with good intent, the heavens opened
and the rain came out as Nature spread it all around.

It came down so fast upon the ground which could not absorb it all
quickly it began to run in torrents to the lower spots
and filling those continued on as fast as it could travel down the hill.

I walked to the garden’s end to seek
the part aptly named Murmuring Creek
and watched as what was lawn and green is now a raging torrent
of rushing water as it flows on by.

Through my yard and to the next
and on through the neighborhood
the water flows as water should
when it rains so goldarned good.

Down hills and gullies and gaining speed
carrying with it anything that it collects along the way
and dumping it to some place new so that others may see
the high water mark left by the debris.

People are standing with arms outstretched
as though to give thanks for what they see
and feel as they stand out in the rain
getting soaked but caring not as the rain falls
on them and then upon the ground.

It’s not hard to see what rain can mean to so many
who have been without for quite a while
as it causes them to smile as the rain keeps on coming down.

Who ever would have given it a thought
that in my long past history
the country I left all of those years ago
mainly because it did always rain
and sunshine was a welcome sight.

Now in Texas I do live
and sunshine is the normal thing
so when it rains we all rejoice and cheerfully
accept the fact that once in a while through the year
it will rain and we’ll be back to mowing grass
and weeding too as the rain will make things grow
and seem like everything is new.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist