I sat here with nothing to do 
with an empty mind that had not a clue 
on which direction I should go 
and look busy even just for show 
I really had no pressing things 
that needed my time which has its own wings 
flying by at an incredible rate 
rushing towards an unknown fate 
of one thing I can be sure 
I am not yet at death’s door 
I may be old and lived a few years 
through good times and bad and shed a few tears 
along the way as we go through life 
which also has had its share of strife 
as we live each day just as they come 
counting them off one by one 
looking to see what the next day will bring 
as we awake such a glorious thing. 

I have also had my share of love 
with beautiful young women of whom I spoke 
about in loving terms 
until they no longer had the yearn 
for me as company for the rest of their days 
and we parted and went separate ways 
after three tries at the marriage thing 
I gave it up as just a bad fling 
I am happy for those that can make it work 
as quite obviously I had a quirk 
that stopped me being the perfect man 
for them even though it was not the plan 
I wanted real bad to make it a go 
but every time I was not able to show 
just how much I really cared for them 
so we parted ways in the end 
Today I live a bachelor life 
one of which has no strife 
living alone with my two little dogs 
choosing to do even though they are boss 
as everything revolves around their needs 
and they in turn try hard to please 
as we go out for walks around the park 
people stop to talk and sometimes they bark 
and in the end it is just we three  
living our life through eternity. 

Written 04/18/2023 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com