This is the place that I call home 
a place where I am never alone 
so many campers just like me 
together we are company. 
We each live in our separate RV’s 
all different and all made to please 
as we each have our own tastes 
or the need for the extra space. 
Some are here for a couple of days 
before they move along the way 
to wherever they have planned to go 
in a hurry or sometimes slow. 
Others like me are here to stay 
no more travelling along the way 
for us those days are all long gone 
and we stay here and not move on. 
I fill my days with walking the dogs 
and every day I write in the blog 
narrating things that happened that day 
or incidents along the way. 
of the people we met and the dogs we did pet 
some of whom we will never forget 
This is really a lazy life 
one. I live without a wife 
just me two dogs and an RV 
spending our days living it free. 
with lots of friends all living the same 
love this life we all exclaim. 

Written 04/20/2023 Read my other poems at