Years ago, I owned a house 
the place I lived with a spouse 
who had left the house for pastures new 
telling me that I hadn’t a clue 
of knowing what she wanted from me 
and said goodbye and was history. 
She left me the house where I lived 
being nice and not wanting to give 
me more problems than I had 
even though I was feeling sad 
thankful for a place to live 
a single man with no love to give 
with a broken heart I lived my life 
knowing there would be no more wives. 
That was thirty-one years ago 
and a bachelor I stayed but not for show 
as love for me was a losing game 
that part would never be the same 
although I dated once or twice 
and those ladies were very nice 
love for me was totally gone 
and so I just carried on. 

The dogs and cats who shared my life 
more than made up for not having a wife 
living the life of a bachelor free 
with my pets for company 
money to spend any way I see fit 
sharing with no one not one little bit 
and although my life was not the same 
I was no longer a part of the dating game. 

If I sound like a bitter old man 
maybe that’s because it’s what I am 
three strikes and out as the saying goes 
any love, I have left I cannot show 
as I tried three times to become a part 
and ended each time with a broken heart 
and in the end had no love left to give 
mattering not who I was with. 

Now I am too old to share 
or to think of even an affair 
way too set in my ways 
and on how I spend my days 
selfish to the very core 
giving less and expecting more 
no longer the man I used to be 
and dating women is history. 

I live alone with two little dogs 
we go out walking and sometimes we jog 
as we stroll around each day 
meeting people along the way 
we come and go with nary a care 
back in the RV we sometimes share 
food that I have for them a treat 
as like all dogs they like to eat. 

Am I sad that a Batchelor me 
with no woman to keep me company 
a part of me says that I am 
another part says it’s all a scam 
and that women are trouble as we all know 
and it’s just their beauty that they show 
that traps the man and before very long 
he is hearing her siren song 
and his manhood is gone as is his life 
all because he wanted a wife. 

I will stay a Single Man for the rest of my life… 
Written 07/02/2023 Read my other poems at