As many of you are well aware 
I lead a different life that I share 
with two little dogs that are a pair 
of troublemakers of the worst possible kind 
as they rule the roost, and they find 
that they can do whatever they like 
as long it does not mean a fight 
between them or with me 
because we are a family 
they get on very well indeed 
with the Sandy the female taking the lead 
and Mikey and I go where she walks 
where the best smells that to her nose talks 
and if she finds the perfect smell 
she raises her leg for others to tell 
that she has been here and left her mark 
be aware you others don’t try to park 
as this property is in her name 
marked by her as part of the game. 
It can be said she’s a bossy bitch 
and Mikey and I sometimes find a niche 
and sticking together like good buddies do 
let her have her way for we have no clue 
as to what it is that we did wrong 
that caused her to bark along 
we really mostly get on well 
as we live together our lives do dwell 
walking several times a day 
for exercise and a lot of play 
wandering around with all of the smells 
that only a dogs nose can possibly tell. 

Written 08/26/2023 Read my other poems at