Dancing it up 
I thought about the recent days 
and the many different ways 
that I have spent my waking time 
living this life so sublime 
doing what I like to do 
most of the time without a clue 
with no one else to tell me wrong 
I breeze through life like a song 
knowing the words and humming the tune 
as the saying goes over the moon 
with the people I know here at the park 
always ready for a lark 
drive fifty miles to go to a show 
drink some beer and dance real slow 
or hop around as the music speeds 
and those of us with clumsy feet 
need lots of room or we will trip 
over ourselves as we feel hip 
so we stand in one place and move real slow  
just to put on our own show 
and let the dancers do their thing 
swinging by like birds on a wing. 

Written 09/20/2023 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com