I sat inside of my RV 
wondering what my eyes might see 
when I look outside my door 
is it changed or still like before 
the wind did not blow and it has not rained 
so everything should still be the same 
I looked at the feeders filled with seed 
to give the birds all they need 
to keep them coming back to me 
as I sit and watch them flying free 
they land on the feeders to eat for a bit 
but something stops them continuing to sit 
so instead they hop from place to place 
trying each feeder for a different taste 
but alas each feeder has the same seed 
must be dull and boring for them indeed 
but then again it is their food 
and eating seed is what they are used 
the Humming Birds are a different kind 
with a special mix that they find 
in their own containers hanging high 
sugar water so sweet to help them fly 
with wings flapping at am amazing speed 
eighty times per second is what they need 
to keep their tiny bodies hovering high 
and sipping the mixture as they fly 
we even had a bird of prey 
much bigger and looking to join the fray 
only the food this time was another bird 
and luckily for them they had heard 
the hawk as it came crashing in 
and scattered so fast on their wings 
and all escaped I’m happy to say 
and will be back to feed on another day. 
I love to watch the birds as they eat 
and wish with some of them, I could meet 
but to them I present a dangerous look 
just like the hawk the lesson they took 
was to stay away from others like me 
and in their wisdom, I could see 
that all I can do is supply the seed 
for my feathered friends is what they need. 
Written 10/15/2023