I live in an RV park 
it started off as just a lark 
buy a camper and stay the night 
at an RV Camper site 
travel around from here to there 
driving along with hardly a care 
call ahead to reserve a spot 
so you have your own little lot 
only good until you move on 
as the open road becomes your song 
and staying at an RV park 
only applies when it gets dark 
some parks are better than the rest 
and offer more and not in jest 
swimming pools and shady spots 
even a store for what you forgot 
a bathroom shower to clean the dirt 
for the rigs whose space is inert 
because they are small compact and light 
and they are built for travelling right 
some of us are here to stay 
having travelled along the way 
and now too old to move around 
a permanent campground we have found 
as we like living in our RV 
even though it may not be 
the type that moves from place to place 
instead a permanent rig in place 
where we will spend the rest of our years 
living along here with our peers. 

Written 08/25/2023 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com