Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 09/02/2011

True to form and almost on schedule,
the buzzards came in to do their general
clean up work as has been defined
In the grand scheme of things, nothing left behind

Mother Natures clean up crew
know what it is that they must do
for it is their luck that for this they are chosen
while for other the more glamorous position

But of one thing they can be sure in this world
everything dies just as life is unfurled
plenty to eat with each passing soul
of the animal kind which is usually their goal
but a fish is still food and for them if they find
it replaces the taste of the animal kind

Who would think that these birds in the sky
finding the thermals and floating on high
soaring and gliding without effort it seems
are really there as a part of the dreams
of Mother Nature, who in all her ways
chose buzzards the cleaning crew for the day

What little is left of my beautiful fish
will be food for animals and insects who wish
and feel like eating what remains this day
until all is gone as is Nature’s way

Apologies to the Black Vulture, or Buzzard as it is commonly known.

Written 09/02/2011

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© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist