Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 09/14/2011

The Fish in the Big Pond

I lost another fish today, of what she died I cannot say,

I found her floating on the surface, her life gone and with no purpose,

She was the biggest fish I had, with scales of gold and black, in size she was at least two feet and with weight to match,

She was fifteen pounds if she was any and bent my net as I did steady myself to lift her out of the pond she called home, where she had lived her life and always ready to put on a show to display her beauty to me and to others who could not help, but see this glorious fish with colors so bold, colors of black and gold.

I remember the day at a place far, away that I noticed this fish for her coloring, a little thing at that time and who was to know she would grow into this beautiful fish and show,
her colors so bold, colors of black and gold.

Over more than twelve years, she has given me pleasure to watch her swim with the others but always so much bigger and so beautiful in shape and grace.

Farewell fine fish as my tears do flow. I know not where it is you go. I hope that in your time in Heaven or other place no man shall go, that you find peace in your place of rest as you have given to me, below.

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© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist