Poems from my Archives. Published 09/18/2011

I am counting calories by day
in an endless fight to keep weight at bay
I used to weigh 155 pounds when a youth was I sixty years ago.

Now I am up to one seventy-five, pounds of the worst possible kind,
not that I tried to increase my weight, it snuck up on me and I hate
that I no longer am muscle where now resides, fat of the worst possible kind.

I watch what I eat and only the best, fruit and vegetables and as for the rest
occasional white meat or turkey too,
but none too much either way for the goal is 2000 calories per day.

I eat smart at breakfast and usually skip lunch
except for fruit, maybe grapes, a small bunch
For the evening meal, I usually eat salad or maybe spaghetti
all with the idea that I try, anything I can to survive
on 2000 calories a day to keep me alive.

Alas, all of my goals I can usually succeed
with the 2000 calories diet I believe
I am licking this thing but the one I forgot
are the numbers of times I did stop, at Starbucks
for in my normal day, three to four stops go my way,
each one 150 calories more and if I am still keeping score
that’s 600 more calories that I forgot to add to the earlier goal I have set
of 2000 calories in a day for now the total becomes 2600 with nary a hope
of ever losing the weight but I do not mope.

I have an idea, more calories I’ll burn
at the gym close by for $10, I will turn
all of these calories around and sweat them out by treadmill,
by machine, by free weights, jazzersize, and yoga.

Who am I kidding, that sounds like work.
It is much easier just to take a long walk
with a dog for companionship to have somebody to talk,
with even though no response I will get but no criticism either of
the slow pace that I drag the dog along as his tail will wag
regardless of the reasons, the speed or the lag.

To hell with this dieting and exercise too,
why am I worrying, I haven’t a clue
The only thing I can think of is personal pride
to look good and feel good and maybe inside
to hope that this fitness will help to survive
and maybe help to keep me alive
for a few more years…

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© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist