Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 11/07/2011

Can I play?Put me in coach.

It was a very windy day when the little boys came out to play their last league game of the season and though the wind was part of the reason that we managed to lose to a team, who, like us do dream of playing well and having a good time and hoping that their coach tells them that they played fine and it was a good game today.

These are the things that I said to the boys when after the game we sat around and talked of the joys of winning but better yet, and something we should not forget, the fun we had when we played today, the things that we did and in their own way, make up for losing four goals to two.

The two goals we scored were a joy to watch as Ian Shaw got on his horse and running hard and fleet of foot did place the ball beyond the reach of the other team’s goalie and in the net to bring us back from two nothing down to even the score and we thought we had a found a way to beat this other team today.

Alas it was not to be and although the boys tried mightily to tie the game up and playing hard, put shots on goal and defended well but at three to two, the score it seems was within in our reach but the impossible dream was shattered when in a desperate moment with the ball rebounding all over the place, did hit one of our players in the face and into the empty net it flew to let the other team win by four goals to two.

We talked about it after the game and we all agreed that as a team we played as well as we possibly could and that we should have played better but that it really didn’t matter because as a team we had fun today, we played with our team mates, our buddies and friends which makes it all worthwhile and better yet, lets see what goodies we have today, before we wend on our merry way home with  our families, our Moms and Dads, our sisters and brothers, our dog and our cat and all the good things that go with that and having friends on our soccer team is a bonus in life as it should be.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist