Poems from my Archives. Originally Published 11/08/2011

Time, what is it and what does it mean for some it’s just a part of the dream of what we do with our time on this earth, how we spend it and what is it worth to us as individuals and what we do with it everyday in our own individual way.

For many work is the biggest thing, it takes most of our time and so it should for not only do we earn payment from the work that we do but we also give back in the form of our toil whatever it is that the company does which makes it worthwhile for them pay money for each working day that we spend at their location performing that which is our current vocation.

Now it has to be said that not many of us say without dread that the place that we work and the job that we do is something that we really enjoy or the job that we have may not well be suited but in fact is a way and a means to help us with our impossible dreams of living a life with money we earn and so we are able to put bread on the table to feed our family and wife who is able and it should be said has probably a job of her own and as is often the case that earns more than her hubby creating dissent of who really wears the pants in that family.

If the guy is smart and acts submissive and in fact be grateful that the person he married is willing and able to put money in the bank and put food on the table. On the other hand an idiot he may be wrapped up in the fact that he earns less money than she and instead of making the most of the situation the marriage falls apart and suddenly he finds that has a lot of extra time to do with as he pleases, in fact time on his hands.

Time is also a measurement of people and how long they live of almost every sporting event when the last few minutes may decide who wins, who loses, who lives, who dies. Well, that is the way that it used to be in the days of the Romans when winners were toasted and those that lost were sometimes slaughtered.

Time can be long and time can be short depending on if it’s south or north or east or west, time is something we know best. We can’t be late, must be on time, to be late is almost a terrible crime unless of the weaker sex you may be when it is considered fashionable at best to be a few minutes late just to see how patient your partner may be especially if it is a new mate and he or she is being put to the test to see how they react and the rest may well be history.

Women, on the other hand are not quite so insistent and time means less to them in their life especially if they are somebody’s wife. The household runs in a more leisurely style with being late the norm and on time is something that happens once in a while.

Time for a planet or for a star is measured in light years with so many zeros it is hard to grasp how old they may be but have been in existence for eternity. Time for a human can be measured in digits with less than three in most cases with the odd exception and quite a rarity someone will reach a hundred and something.

Of one thing I am sure it is time to end as I can think of a bunch of things to add and yet the subject can be quite tricky as no one thinks that in a jiffy our time on this earth will be up and we can no longer think in terms of time…

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist