Poems from my Archives-Published 1/3/2012

Beautiful Greenery

I walked around the garden today
To see what Nature had to say
Being winter this time of year
Brings frosts that can be very severe
So far we have but a couple of light freezes
Enough to kill the tenderest of greenery
The hardiest plants have withstood the touch
Of Mother Natures icy fingers and such
Are the sights that today I see
As I walk around the garden for me
A chance to see what remains to be found
Now that Nature has levelled all growth to the ground

After the frosts their havoc did wreak
I busied myself in the garden to keep
The worst of the frozen material at bay
And cut and raked and collected it up
And placed it on the pile of dead stuff
To rot and to turn into compost so fine
That on the garden be placed to complete the rhyme
Things grow, things die, things rot and return
Back to the soil from whence they began.

After the frost

The garden so green and so fine with lush growth
Will return when Spring with the sun and her warmth
Decide that Winter has now long gone
And time for the cycle to renew again
Once more to fill the garden with hope
And growth will begin where today there is none
All it takes is rain and a lot of sun
And the loving care of folks just like me
Who believe that Nature can use some help
To shape itself and with its growth
Renew itself again and again.
The only help that folks like me
Are to the garden, it’s plain to see
That some sort of order of which there is none
The way Nature grows it she lets it become
A wild and somewhat unruly beast
But that’s only because in our orderly minds
Things have to be in some sort of lines
Whereas Nature is happy to have things grow
Any which way its true as long as a show
Of beauty she puts on for all to see
Mother Nature is here for eternity

It will grow back

And when we are gone and that we must face
In this World is Nature with her beauty and grace
No more will mankind with their orderly minds
Disturb what is now Mother Nature’s kind.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist