The view behind the fence

Sometimes I feel a little sad thinking of all of the friends that I have had since moving to Texas all of those years ago. Work buddies and soccer friends the list goes on and has no end some more special than the rest but at that moment passed the test of being my friend in their own way if only for a single day.

Now the list has dwindled down with a lot of time and distance flown and interests changed and no longer in the game. The wives are gone their thoughts linger on remembering times both good and bad and half my life I spent with them and at the time they were my friends and now their memories make me feel so sad.

With each passing year a new friend would appear to fill the void of those left behind. They would not replace those that came before instead adding to the list of fellowship and I was proud to call them all my friends.

Now I am so very old and all I have are thoughts so bold and memories of friends from long ago and though my time is running out I still have friends who do not doubt my love for them I will always show. Humans are a gregarious lot and need each other to stir the pot of our time on earth that we call our life. For each of us time is short and although it takes a while to pass it ends much sooner than we all like.

When my time is up and with any luck my friends will think of me with joy and say to each other he failed as a lover but boy could he kick a ball and late in his years he disappears driving in his RV touring around and not being found while seeing this great country.

Happy Camping.

Written 08/29/2021

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