Poems from my Archives-Written 1/18/2012

Looks like the same team…

The little boys are back and say
teach us more on how to play
this game that we think is fun
not just us but everyone
who has ever kicked a ball
they, like the boys, come back for more.

Yesterday, the first training we had
in more than a month, it’s too bad
that our coach had us running laps
which is nothing new but he surprised us all
and with sprints we did run
against the other team and fun
and games was had by all
as one team was better by far
and left the other team behind
left them eating their dust and grime.

The coach promised that even we’ll get
at training on Thursday, for it’s a safe bet
that the team that won on Tuesday will find
that they too will be left behind
and it will be there turn to say
we didn’t run very well today.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist