Poems from my Archives-Written 01/20/2012

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This looks like my life…


Today will be my birthday, again
Seventy Six this makes and all have been
most welcome for at no time did I find
no longer a birthday I wanted this time
this birthday no different from the previous five
will be spent at home with my dogs and my cats
and the fish too as they do splash
happy birthday they say all with one mind
to make it the best for we are here
and to us you are more precious, more dear.
Happy Birthday dear friend they all do recite
even though you don’t hear us we see the light
of one more birthday as it comes your way
from us, your friends, have a wonderful day.

The last twenty years alone have I been
no mate to share how I spend my life
no one, it’s true, to give me strife
but no one to love unless animals do count
as endless of them have I shared as I mount
the stairway of life as on it goes
when it will end only God knows
but one thing is certain that in this life
birthdays do count even with the strife
they may bring as without them it’s true
life as we know it does not renew.

Every life has a purpose of this we are sure
what it is may not always be an open door
but unless suffering in body or in mind
with open arms each birthday we find
through one more year not shedding a tear
of all of life’s troubles whatever you hear
with that in mind we have nothing to fear
except fear itself as we march bravely on
looking for the next verse in this song
of life as its inevitable end we must mind
and no more birthdays we’ll have of the earthly kind.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist