Poems from my Archives – Written 1/20/2012

Catfish Parlor

My friends took me to lunch today
for your birthday, they did say.
Pat and Fran led the way
for they are the friends who did say
come, let us take you to lunch today.
With two beautiful ladies for company
why would I want to say
I can’t go to lunch today.

Where I was expecting a birthday cake
fish and chips instead for we did take
our lunch at Catfish Parlor where
birthday cake is not served there

No matter, the fish and chips were good
taking me back to my childhood
and beyond for thirty years or so
before to America I did go
and fish and chips of the English kind
the meal today did bring to mind.

Thank you, my friends for it was kind
of you to take me to lunch and find
a dish that I could really enjoy
and even though we did not have cake
it matters not the food for the sake
of friendship to dinner we did partake
and the birthday was just an excuse
for good friends to share time together.

Thank you my Friends.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist