Old Heathfield Church

I sat here with time on my hands wondering just what I could do 
I had no task that would demand that I pay attention to  
instead, I sat and wrote this poem not one of my better works 
but you could say I have chosen to write these words with all their quirks 
fifty-five years ago, today we landed on these shores 
embarking from a mighty ship along with many more 
the Queen Mary was her name a famous ship of war time 
but alas this was the last trip that she sailed the line 
as her long life had come to an end and to dry dock she was sent 
to be parked in a permanent place to be a monument 
for her it was the end but for us a new beginning 
as we started a life in the USA one that we were willing 
to give it a try to make it work not knowing of the future 
hoping that this new life would make us all the richer 
now fifty-five years later a lot has come and gone 
alas I am sad to say no happy ending to this song 
those of us that are alive are all still living here 
my wife has gone to the promised land for her there is no fear 
along with one of the daughters who chose to take her life 
rather than lose her husband who wanted a different wife 
I have two sons in England who carry the family name 
and they are left to carry on the only ones to remain 
and one of them has daughters with them the name will end 
from our side of the family no one to help it extend 
all the others of my family have long since passed away 
I am the only one that remains to have the family say 
my time is short as I grow old the last to sing this song 
and the name will die on my side of the line when my sons pass on. 
do I regret making the move leaving a land so green 
a part of me wish I had stayed but the future was unforeseen 
the land that I remember the one that I loved then 
is changed and gone forever as time marches to the end 
and I will die in a foreign land to end this wistful song. 
and people will grieve not be deceived nor rejoice when I am gone 
some I hope will remember me well for the good that I have done 
maybe others not so much for my friends I am an abstraction 
travelling around never in one place it’s hard to keep in touch 
and years have passed but friendships last and still mean just as much 
maybe we’ll meet on the other side of wherever we will end 
if this is so then I want you to know that everyone is my friend. 

Written 03/13/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com