Retirement-How Great it Is

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I have been retired for several years
Eleven in fact from that day
when I decided to walk away
from the place that I spent my time
working twenty-two years to earn my dime.

I spend my days doing what is norm
I have some duties that I must perform
Like making player cards that people may play
Coed soccer every Saturday
or make entries for TSSAS
of soccer players so they too may play
this wonderful game with team mates and friends
on Saturday’s or Sunday’s, it has no end.

When I’m not working on stuff for soccer
then out in the yard I go to putter
in my garden or to work on the ponds
to get my hands dirty is something I am fond
of doing as it brings me closer to Nature
to share, without whom would be our failure.

On those days when I have nothing to do
or the weather is bad or I haven’t a clue
then in front of my laptop I park my carcass
and write in my blog or a poem or verse
to pass along thoughts on all kinds of things
as I sit here words and time do have wings
out they flow until I decide the things
I have written is enough for the day.

When all is done I go for a jaunt
to Starbucks for coffee, a latte to link
the end the day with my favorite drink.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the evenings do yield
as North I travel to reach the fields
where I coach the little boys how to play
the game of soccer for in their own way
these boys are serious about the game
to learn how to play it is their aim
my job it is to see that it’s done
In the hope, one day, they’ll be No 1.

My life is good there is no doubt
as lucky am I no wife to pout
or give orders or tell me what to do
as I come and I go, my money I spend
no wife to control me or worse yet to send
me to the doghouse for not heeding her wishes
in my house I wear the britches
although I do have to say that my small furry friends
do tend to boss me but they make amends
with their love and affection and little they ask
just attention from me or food on a plate,
the task I gladly perform for my mates.

All of you folks who worry about retiring
do it I say as long as you can afford it
find something to do as busy you must be
your mind must stay busy with activity
and your body too but exercise is easy
just keep moving 11000 steps is the goal
that’s each day so get on a roll
walking is great no effort it takes
and healthy you’ll be for that’s what will make
your retirement as something to enjoy
as long as you  keep a healthy mind
and body too for this you will find
Neither is not hard to do.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist