English: Watering the Garden
I Gotta get me one of those watering cans and the girl to operate it.

It’s amazing how busy a person can be working on something of interest to them
Gardening has that effect on me and even though nothing major was planned
I can find a myriad of “stuff” to do some of which by themselves are chores
but coupled with all of the interesting things, the tasks are really no longer a bore.

There are always things that need to be done and cleaning filters is just one
of the many things that it takes, to keep the ponds healthy for the fish
keeping water clear so they can survive for it’s my job to keep them alive.

Another thing that I need to do is water the plants or they will die
especially as summer does progress as this is Texas and we all know
that it is only a matter of time before the temperature reaches one hundred and five

Earlier this week, a project I planned to install soaker hoses in the areas with plants.
To my favorite store, a trip I did make to purchase the pieces I thought I would need.
Lengths of hoses and timers and other odd things, the project to build just like in my dreams
for the planning of this was done at night, just before I turned out the light
and in my mind, I had it worked out.  In the morning after I woke
I scribbled it down so as not to lose track of all of the ideas that I had planned
to make the garden easier to maintain so instead of waiting for it to rain, the timers
come on every two days and carefully water with much less waste than I would take
if in my haste, I did not enough attention pay and some of the water ran away.

I found the work a lot of fun but that is because I really enjoy
piecing together the different parts and if for some reason things don’t fit
the brain kicks in and does its bit by working out a different way
to assemble the pieces like the original plan and maybe not  exactly the same
but the end result is what matters the most, getting water to plants to keep them alive
as soon it might be a hundred and five as our Texas summer begins to bear down
and day after day one thing we know most, that Texas is hot and it won’t be long
that even people like me who like it hot, will inside be writing in this blog.

The project is finished and now all that it takes is to keep an eye on the plants
for goodness sake, as they will show if enough water is reaching their roots
and if they can produce young green shoots that will tell me that success is ours.
Instead,  if things shrivel, turn brown and start to look bad, this time I will not be sad as
adjustments are needed to our design so as to keep everything in line
and to follow our original plan, getting water to ALL of the plants in time.

I gotta get me one of those watering cans and a lady to operate it…

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist