Blue Iris

I have one friend and maybe more
who love to comment on my verse
that she is biased I have no doubt
to keep me happy from writing worse
I trust that what she says to me
in her comments that she writes
are words of wisdom from her past
as a teacher who just delights
as she views me as a student of old
a reckless child that still excites
at assembling words that sound like gold
in the rights and wrong of English Lit
from a very old man no longer a kid
who has lived a life and with memories long
one of his pleasures left in this world
is to write in verse as he sings his song
the words he writes are the words that he feels
good bad or indifferent words of the years
of living this life here on this earth
giving his all for what it is worth
in the form of a verse there is no better way
for this old man to have his say
this old man is very lucky to have
such a friend to watch out for him
correcting the words that he jumbles up
as he writes in verse a literate sin
Thanks B.J.

Written 04/26/2021

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