What a difference.

I had received notification from the Park Management that they were going to blacktop the roads at the park and for us to move our vehicles to a designated area if we wanted to get out while construction was ongoing. As it happened, the plan was to start in the area where I am located so I got a first hand view of the work as it was ongoing. Of course, I am no stranger to this type of thing having spent a lifetime in various forms of construction which included laying blacktop on some projects.

Even so, I found it interesting to be able to sit in Eagle Two and watch others as they scurried around performing whatever the task was that they were assigned. My neighbor across the street from me had relocated her RV a couple of days ago to a different site in the new section of the park and after seeing the crew blacktop her old site, I knew why she had moved. This got me thinking of the merits of having a blacktopped site as compared to a gravel one. It would certainly be cleaner regarding walking gravel inside the RV but on the other hand, it would reflect a lot more heat from the sun and make the RV a lot warmer whereas the gravel actually absorbs a lot of the heat.

The plan is to blacktop all of the roads in the original section including those leading to the laundry rooms and the small parking area which will certainly make for better walking when the dogs take me out. I am very impressed with this park as they are constantly finding ways to improve it while still maintaining a reasonable monthly rate which is even cheaper for the permanent residents.

Written 07/20/2021

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