Safelite Auto Glass through the window.

Our walk around the park, well actually on the lane leading to Hwy 290 was uneventful except for the passing of a couple of cars who usually give us a wave of acknowledgment. Most slow down as they pass but occasionally, some redneck drives by at breakneck speed. I always pull the dogs in, and we stop walking until the way is clear, just in case. Following our usual procedures of coffee and breakfast, I sat in front of the computer to answer emails and write the blog. 
The mechanic from Safelite Auto Glass pulled up right on time as he was here to replace the cracked windshield in the Jeep. This had happened with a stray stone thrown up by a passing car while I was parked in the Lawyers office way back in August, but I could not get the timing right to have it replaced sooner. I sat and watched him work and marveled at his proficiency as he went about his business. It took a couple of hours and he left me with instruction on what to do with the tape that held it together and so on. My share of the bill was $480.00 with the insurance covering the rest and I was glad to pay it. Now, if only he had cleaned the back window while he was at it…. 
With that out of the way, I went ahead and put together a beef stew that I had already planned for the next few meals. I put everything in the InstaPot, set the timer and let it do its thing and in a few hours, it will be ready. Maybe not in time for tonight’s meal but at least tomorrows and the next few days. 

With the Jeep and the stew taken care of, the rest of the day was spent writing and working on pictures. Later, the dogs indicated that it was time that I got off my fat butt and take them out walking as they had their own special needs to take care of. We wandered around and managed to cover 1.6 miles for the day. All in all, a very productive day by our standards. 


Magnificent rack on this guy as he takes care of his harem. These are in the fields across from the park.

Again, another day with nothing planned except for the usual things. It was a beautiful sunny day and although a bit chilly requiring a jacket for the walk, the temperature moved up into the low 70’s by the afternoon. Following breakfast, I sat and answered emails and then worked on the blogs for a bit. My thoughts turned to my upcoming birthday on the 20th of this month which then led to thinking about my life in general and how diverse it has been as it winds down. I wish I could say, slowly winds down but that is just not the case as time is flashing by at a remarkable pace. I swear that the 12-hour days of old are now only 8 hours long and even though we rarely have things planned, there is always something to do. 
I spent a lot of time working on the blogs and even jumped ahead to write a blog and a poem for my birthday coming up on the 20th of this month. I also worked on several pictures that I have recently taken many of which get included in the blogs especially if they are relevant or have some bearing on the subject in hand. It was not long before it was time to go out walking again. This time, we covered the outside lanes in a different direction just to change the monotony and by the end of the day, had covered our requisite 1.3 miles. We shoot for a mile a day and everything else is a bonus especially if I get to walk around HEB or Walmart’s where I can easily wrack up an extra mile.

Written 01/14/2022 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com