Our first walk was no different than many before as we slowly wandered around a nearly empty park. We only saw one other dog and its owner had stopped the car as they were on the way out, so the dog could do its thing. They drove off and we continued wandering before returning for breakfast. 

As is the normal routine, I perused the news and read a couple of items before turning my attention to emails. Just like every other day, nothing of major importance with just a couple requiring my attention. My thoughts turned to my friend BJ and her daughter Kristen locked up in their cabin, on board a ship with not much to do and not allowed to go anywhere because of Covid. I dashed off a quick text message, so they at least feel like they are in touch. Not a very nice ending to what promised to be a wonderful trip. 

I wandered over to the office to exchange dollars for quarters as it was time to do the laundry again. Besides, if we do pull out of here on Monday, it will be nice to have everything clean and not have to worry about it at the next stop, which is still unknown. I cannot make any reservations until I get the Jeep back just in case it is delayed.  

I was chatting to Gerry and asked him about the RV’s that the Hispanic workers live in as I thought that maybe, Gerry might own them and rent them out. He told me that the Construction Company that they work for owns them and I guess, rents them to the workers. Seems like a pretty good deal as they use their company vans to travel to and fro to work as transportation as well. Sounds like a good company to work for.  
Luckily, I do not need a job as I already have a full-time one looking after Mikey, Sandy, Quatro and myself. 
Later that afternoon, we went out walking again through the neighborhood, down the long walk past one of the large buildings which are a part of the University of Arkansas research programs before returning via Hwy 71B back to the RV. Altogether, we covered 2.1 miles for the day. I swear that we walk much further but as both of my step programs show the same thing, then I guess it is just wishful thinking on my part. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion. 

Written 11/03/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com