I slept very late and did not crawl out until 10:00 am. Still, it is Sunday, a day meant for leisure and laziness…I took a quick shower and then we went out walking in the park. With our late start, it was already hot out and we only did a couple of short circuits until the dogs did their business and then it was back indoors.  

We stopped at another fellow camper, Lucas and Shryl, while we were out as I noticed they had moved their Class A and had a Class C, in fact, the Girls “old” coach, in its place. Apparently, they have some problems with the Class A which is why they changed RV’s. We chatted for a while as both Daniel and Malinda were helping to set up the “new” RV and I learned of the problems. 

Daniel came over and made a fuss of the dogs and invited me over for lunch at 1:00 pm. We continued our walk as there was nothing, we could do in the way of helping out and wandered around the park covering our usual half mile. The park was quiet, but it was Sunday so understandably so. 

Back in The Caboose, I fixed the usual breakfast and coffee but am fast running out of ideas for something tasty to start the day. I turned my attention to the blog and before I knew it, the time was 1:15 pm which meant I was already 15 minutes late. I had eaten a couple of pieces of toast less than an hour before, so the thought of more food was a bit of a struggle. 

I wandered over to Daniels RV and the “Girls” were already there accompanied by my new neighbors, Lucas and Shryl and of course, Gary who usually, quietly sits in the background and then occasionally pops up with a remark or retort or sometimes, even a story. As Daniel put it, “The gangs all here”. 

We sat and drank beer and eventually ate some of Daniels barbecue of different kinds of meat accompanied by all of the fixin’s, which were supplied by our host and everyone else there. I felt a bit of a free loader as I had not supplied anything in the way of food and not even beer, this time around. 

As we chatted and told stories, some a bit wilder than the last, and oohd and aahd about each tale, the afternoon wore on. It really was fun listening as everyone had something to say, most of which was highly amusing. Sometimes, there was a sad tale about the family and such and the afternoon turned into the evening. By the way, we consumed a lot of beer although I managed to contain myself and drink only 3 cans over a seven hour period so I was very sober. 

Gary was the first to leave, bidding his farewell as he walked off. The rest of us sat there with more stories, some of which had us rolling on the ground and others almost wiping our eyes. Even the Girls joined in with yarn or two. 

Finally, the Girls left, and I took the hint and walked back to The Caboose to be greeted by my noisy little dogs. We harnessed up and wandered around the park seeing it in the dusk as it began to darken. 

Back at the RV, I tied the dogs up and then brought in all the bird feeders plus sprayed the flower plants with the Deer Off in the hope it will keep them away and from eating them. The forecast is for rain this evening, so I brought in the canopy, so we do not have any wind problems if it was to blow hard, or heavy rain accumulating on the canopy.
The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way except I had already eaten, and it was just a case of finishing the blog and then watching TV. I did not even have my usual glass of wine having already consumed three beers.

Written 06/11/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Monday 06/12/2023

I wonder who these belong to? Obviously, a big dog.

I got up at a reasonable hour for me, and we quickly harnessed up for that first walk. It was another bright and sunny day, and we met a couple of other campers on our walk, stopping to chat as we normally do. We met Daniel on the way and both dogs trotted over to make a fuss of him. Even Mikey was pleased to see him. 

He went on his way as did we just wandered around glad to be outside although the temperature was already getting hot heading towards a high of 95 degrees. We returned to the RV and the dogs helped me to bring out the bird feeders and hang them in their respective places. 

Back inside, I got out a saucepan and mixed sugar and water to a 4-1 ratio and put it on the stove to heat up so that the sugar dissolved. I then poured it into a container and put it in the fridge to cool down for later use in the humming bird feeders. 

With that out of the way, the next major item on my agenda was coffee and breakfast. I settled for the good old burrito standby and then settled down in front of the computer to play catch up.  

I remembered that I needed to call the RV insurance company, Good Sam, to get some corrections made to the current policy and while I was on the phone, inquired about an extended warranty on The Caboose. Unfortunately, they did not offer one much to my frustration. 

I returned to the blog writing mumbling under my breath about insurance companies and caught up with the writing to date. I looked at the time and it was 4:00 pm. I had no idea where the day had gone but it had just flown by. 

I sat outside for a while enjoying the cool breeze and just chillin out until I considered it about the right time to go out for the evening walk. We walked the Loop towards Hwy 290 and saw several exotic deer in the distance although not really visible enough to try a picture or two. We walked to the last of the shady areas before turning back as neither the dogs nor myself were into the humidity. The sweat was pouring off me and Sandy kept laying down in any shade that she could find as she was obviously hot. Mikey was not as bad, but I could tell that he too was uncomfortable. 

Back in the RV, we went inside to the A/C and just sat on the couch to cool off. My energy level was practically zero, but I made the dogs food and fed it to them as they are not allowed to eat after 8:00 pm this evening because of the surgery planned for tomorrow. 

We just sat and chilled for a while before I worked up enough energy to work on the blog catching up with the day’s events. Finally, as it got dark, we brought in the bird feeders. 

Written 06/12/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com