Poems from my Archives – Written 1/18/2012

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I am glad in this world I have lived all these years
The things I have seen and the stories I have heard
All the good and the bad and the regular things
All the hoping and wishing and impossible dreams
The things that between them make up this life
The good stuff and bad stuff and stuff that makes strife

Where would we be if we didn’t have stuff
What would we do if life was enough
With our dreams and our hopes and our thoughts of the same
Moments of glory, of wealth and of fame

And along this road that we tread as we go
we pile on more stuff to add to the load
of the already burden of doubt and of fear
as we add to the stuff that life brings each year.

As if stuff was not just the mind burdening kind
we add to it with the physical find
of all of the things that our world can supply
Stuff we must have if just for the day

After that, we can throw it away
as no longer will it of interest be
as it joins the other stuff we have hidden
in attics and closets, garages and sheds
in boxes and cases and other places too
anywhere to add to the unwanted stuff
one day we find, “Look at this, Look what I found.
Didn’t know that I still had this around.
This is something I need. Boy, what a day.
glad that I kept all this stuff”. we do say.

And to the stores we eagerly seek
more stuff of the kind when our resolve is weak
and we bring it home and use it one time
maybe twice if it was a real find
then into the closet, spare bedroom or shed
does it go to join the rest of the stuff.

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© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist