My good friend, BJ Jenkins, sent me this picture of her first ever Lotus in her pond. Just Beautiful…

I awoke early again and this time, I did get up as I hurried to get outside hoping that it might be a bit cooler. The first thing after harnessing the dogs and tying them up to the picnic table, was to hang the bird feeders. This takes all of ten minutes if I refill them, but I have learned that it is better to hang them half full as less seed gets wasted. Actually, none of the dropped seed is really wasted as there are as many birds on the ground as on the feeders. 

I watched as a Sparrow fed her baby. She was very industrious about it and the younger bird sat there with the feathers all fluffed up and shaking like crazy as the Momma bird kept going back and forth with mouthfuls of seed for the baby. Nature is such a wonderful thing. 

We went out walking and both Daniel and Gary were sitting outside of the Break Room talking and drinking coffee. Daniel had Remington with him, and Sandy spotted them, so I dropped the leash and both dogs raced over to say hello. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then we went on our way walking around the campground. We hit the outside lane because of the shade before returning to the RV. 

I fixed the dogs breakfast which naturally, they ignored and then worked on my own. It is becoming more and more difficult to find anything tasty to eat and today was no different. I finally settled for beans on toast as at least the beans are full of flavor. 

I turned my attention to reading the world news and the more I read, the stupider people get. It seems that common sense has long gone in many cases as people cannot control their tempers and consequently, their actions. That one moment of lack of self-control generally costs them their freedom and, in some cases, maybe another person their life. 

I worked on the blog wishing that I could write wonderful and beautiful things that by magic, would come true and maybe change the World, but alas, I do not have those capabilities. So, I wrote about what happened yesterday in my little part of the Universe knowing full well that nothing I ever write or even talk about was ever going to change anything. 

Other than the blog, we have no plans for today and then I remembered that I needed to make a claim on the Pet Insurance that I have for both Mikey and Sandy. I worked on the forms, filling in the information as requested only to find that certain parts of the form would not allow changes much to my annoyance. I spent a couple of very frustrating hours filling in and then refilling the forms. In the end, I sent them and sent a follow up note explaining the problems. The forms demanded changes/corrections but would not allow any. All I can hope for is that I managed to get in enough information to get the process started and we can make corrections as we go along. 

I had a load of laundry working as I was writing the blog.  I realized that the RV was not shaking with the spin cycle like it normally does when it is washing, which told me that wash cycle was over. I had to walk all of 15 steps to add the smelly sheets when I switched it to the dry cycle. I just love having my own washing machine.  

When I owned my own home, I took having a washer/dryer for granted never giving it a second thought but because RV living is so different, not all RV’s come fully equipped with a washer/dryer combo. That is mostly because of lack of room and also of course, that they are considered vacation vehicles, except for the more expensive or park models, like the one I own and live in permanently. 

We went out for another walk just around the park as it was way too hot to go very far. Sandy seems to make hard work of walking in the heat and will sometimes find shade and flop down for a while. Mikey generally only walks to be with me and so Sandy does not have me all to herself. He is quite a jealous little fellow in that respect. 

Back in the RV, we sat and listened to an Audiobook for a while. The weather was forecasting a chance of rain and it did cloud over but the rain was nonexistent, and we took the opportunity of the cloud cover to go out for the last walk of the day. It is getting more and more difficult to keep our step count up because it is so hot and humid outside. 

I tied the dogs up while I brought the bird feeders back in for the night. While I was at it, I sprayed the plants that the deer likes to munch on with the Deer Away in the hopes of deterring the deer from eating them. 

With those chores finished for another day, we went back inside for the usual evening food and entertainment. 

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