It looks like a typical male dwelling with jackets and such carelessly hanging on the back of chairs and a general air of untidyness

I had a good night’s sleep waking up around the usual time and after a quick shower, we went out for a stroll around the campground. The girls were sitting outside, and the dogs spotted them and dragged me in a beeline in their direction so they could both get the mandatory attention. 

I sat talking to them for a while before moving on with the walkabout around the park covering our normal half mile. Back at the RV, I did a couple of outside chores and worked on the Hummingbird feeders. I took them both down and gave them a good scrubbing in the hope of attracting the Hummers as I have only seen one or two lately. Maybe they are busy nesting or have moved on. 

With the outside chores done, we went inside for the usual breakfast and coffee. I had been complaining to my Bastrop BJ friend about how food tastes mediocre at best and she suggested eggs, not indicating on how I should eat them, cooked or otherwise. 

I have never eaten raw eggs but know of athletes that do. In their case, they are usually cracked raw into a glass of milk. As my athletic days are long gone and the thought of a raw egg kinda turned me off, I opted to cook mine in the microwave which did the job. I had already toasted a bread roll and buttered and then added tomato ketchup for flavoring and ate it helped by Sandy. She liked her “tasters” and in my case, the ketchup tasted good. The egg did nothing for me… 

Still, I always have coffee! Now, if it was food… 

I sat and wrote, and it started to rain hard. One of those short gully washers where a lot of rain falls in a truly short space of time. As usual, my yard flooded where it always does right under the bird feeders. When it left off, the birds returned to the feeders as before. I wonder where they go when the rain just pours down? 

One of the good things about the rain is that it washes off the deck where my shoes manage to carry the dirt up onto the nicely painted boards. Cannot blame the dogs for that one… 

I worked on the blog and brought it up to date, posting yesterday and then a couple of poems which are published on Saturdays. The old brain has not been very poetical, (is that a word?) lately and I am having to resort to poems I have written over the years, from my Archives. 

Before I knew it, the clock said it was 4:10 pm and I had no idea where the day had gone. As the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, it seemed like a suitable time to go out walking again. I harnessed up the guys and we went out to walk around the park. We met a couple of others doing the same and stopped at Sharon and Larry’s RV to make a fuss of their dog. 

The girls were outside, and we stopped to chat for a while before continuing our way around the park. We finally ended up at The Caboose and sat outside listening to an Audiobook and just watching the world go by waving to different people as they passed. 

Finally, we went out once more walking for the last walk of the day before adjourning back indoors for food and television. I watched the last of the weekends games which also brought the Premier League Season to a close. 

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