My Friend BJ striding it out at Bastrop State Park,

I had a visitor today
my friend from Bastrop but she did not stay
she happened to be in town and stopped by
and the very reason why
is she had some marmalade for me
taken from her own pantry
that she had made as she often does
with her own special touch and lots of love
she sometimes includes me when she makes jam
knowing just how fond I am
for breakfast on toast is always the best
two slices at least passes the test
and then I have to put it away
saving the rest for another day
I really appreciate my friend
for including me and I recommend
that if she ever offers to you
you jump at the chance for a bite or two
of the wonderfuls jams and jellies she makes
her talent for cooking is really no fake
and if she was more inclined
could sell her wares to human kind
but I am lucky just like Sam
who is my friends long suffering Old Man
as they have been married many a year
and they hold each other dear
I would too given the chance
not because I want a romance
and not with any disrespect
as my reasons have no effect
but to share the jelly and food
as my friends cooking is really that good.

Written 12/15/2020