BY FRANCISALLCORN from my Archives

Oh to be young and able to run…

The dogs took me walking the other day
as we usually do and along the way
we passed not one but three young men
each running separately setting a trend
as they moved gracefully forward
striding along in effortless movement
covering the ground with graceful ease
and moving at a respectable speed
I looked at the dogs as they dragged me along
cursing under my breath with each furlong
suffering agonies with each step that we took
wishing I was at home with a book
instead of getting pulled here and there
as the dogs could smell the scent in the air
of others dogs that had passed before
we had even got out of the door
actually this is not close to true
Sandy does drag as we continue
to walk along at a pretty fast pace
at least for me although it’s no race
especially when compared to the men
who have just run on by and then back again
in the time that it takes us a few yards
they have galloped along without any regards
to the effort it takes but oh to be young
and join with them and their run
alas my running days are long gone
and I am content to carry on
with Sandy always taking the lead
pulling Mikey and me along like a steed
and that is the way that it will be
as old age has taken its toll on me
I hope these young men through the years
will continue to run through the gears
staying healthy and fit as long as they can
for running is cheap since time began
and do not let life get in the way
of staying healthy and fit or have any say
doing it as fast as they can
with thousands of runners throughout the land.

Written 12/19/2020